Important Licence For Your Hotel

When it comes to running your own hotel chain within the UK, there are several important things that you’ll need to think about before you can start applying for a series of different license for your establishment. With that said, you’re also going to need to consider what types of activities you’re planning to host at your hotels conference room and you’ll even need to think about if you want to display an aquarium with live fish in your lobby. Our article features some of the various license that you’ll need for your hotel.

First on our list is a license to play background music as well as a live music licence for outdoor themed dinner nights and other events. And since you’ll be processing sensitive personal information from clients, also going to need to apply for a Notification To Process Personal Data. Additionally, you’re also going to want to have CCTVs installed on your property, so you’re also going to need to apply for a Public Space Surveillance License. If you’re also planning on entertaining guests with slot machines, you’ll need an Amusement Machine Licence.

If you’re also planning on hosting dream weddings, you’re going to need to apply for a licence specifically for holding civil partnerships and marriages. Most if not all hotels also have a spa for guests to unwind and relax, in order to do so you’ll need to get your hands on those registration forms for a massage and special treatments therapist. Additionally, if you’re regularly printing material to make available to guests, be sure to get a copyright licence. We’re also sure that your room are going to allow guests to look at live TV so you’ll also need to get a licence to cover that.

As we conclude, we have just given you quite a long list of various licence that you should seek to obtain if you have the mentioned activities at your hotel. Also keep in mind that before hiring security, they’ll also need a licence to act as your security. Don’t forget the liquor licence as well!

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