What Are the Wedding Traditions in the UK?

English weddings, as most people say, are one of the best in the world. The rich traditions, elaborate celebrations, and getting together of guests make the entire ceremony worth remembering for a lifetime. If you are fond of traditional weddings, you should watch a UK marriage ceremony.

UK wedding traditions

Both the bride and the groom have to follow a few traditional rituals on their wedding day. The bride needs to wear a white bridal dress. On the other hand, the groom will wear a suit. Ideally, he should also have a top hat along with tails. But, many grooms these days don’t prefer wearing the hat and tail..

According to UK traditions, the bride gets a decorative horseshoe. This can be in the form of a locket, badge, or anything that the bride can carry along with her. Many brides prefer to wear the horseshoe on their wrist while others sew them on their dress. The hem is the ideal place to sew the horseshoe so that it doesn’t obstruct the bride’s walk down the aisle. People believe that a horseshoe brings luck and will make for a happy married life.

Although brides now wear decorative horseshoe pieces, UK weddings in the past had women using actual horseshoes.

What to wear

Another wedding tradition followed in the UK involves the bride wearing each of the following items:

• Something old

• Something new

• Something borrowed

• Something blue

• Silver sixpence in the bride’s shoe

This Victorian rhyme has become an age-old tradition that people believe will bring good luck to the husband and the wife. When the bridegroom leaves the church after the ceremony, guests usually cast wheat over the heads of the bride and the groom. This is considered a symbol of abundance, fertility, and bounty. Nowadays, guests cast confetti or rice instead of wheat.

Best season to marry

According to traditions, the ideal season to marry is between autumn and Christmas. Autumn marks the beginning of the harvesting period, and people say that it is a lucky time for weddings.

Before the wedding, the groom has to propose her to-be wife with a ring. If she says yes to his proposal, there will be further wedding preparations. The lady needs to wear the ring on her left hand’s ring finger. Once the couples fix a marriage date, it is essential to set the banns of the wedding. It means sending a marriage notice to announce everyone about the wedding date. Another reason for calling the banns is to make sure no one has any objection to the marriage.

A wedding takes place after the period of banns is over. The bride usually celebrates a hen party with her female friends. On the other hand, the groom celebrates a stag party with his male friends. Another tradition that people follow in UK weddings is the bride can’t see the groom before the ceremony on the wedding day. It may bring bad luck to the couple after their marriage.

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